Lion’s Tail Herbal Smoke Blend

Our Lion’s Tail Herbal Smoke Blend will make you feel calm and relaxed.

Lion’s Tail Herbal Blend contains NO tobacco or nicotine and therefor does not fall under the Tobacco Products Control Act 83 of 1993.

There is also NO Cannabis in the product and therefor it is completely legal.

This unique hand crafted blend consists of Raspberry leaves, Wild Dagga, Skullcap, Mugwort, Marshmellow leaves with a hint of Spearmint.

This herbal smoking blend is great on its own, or as a substitute for tobacco, and you can even use it in tea or tincture form.

If you prefer to make your own herbal blend then mix and match different herbs from the online store.

Remember you need a base which can be either Mullein or Raspberry leaves or a combination of the two, then a modifier, something like skullcap, and then a flavour twist, either spearmint for a menthol taste or simply stevia if you want it to be slightly sweet.

Experiment, get creative, try rose petals, chamomile or even valerian root.

Read up about the properties of each herb then make an informed decision.

For more information on making your own herbal smoking blend read the how to guide here.



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50g, 250g, 500g