Wild Dagga Herbal Smoke Blend

Introducing our premium hand crafted herbal smoking blend “Lion’s Tail” – a blend of natural herbs eg. Raspberry leaf, Mullein leaf and wild dagga (Leonotis leonurus) – that are cannabis, tobacco and nicotine free.

This flavourful and relaxing smoking mixture is blended with care and contains no synthetic ingredients. Ideal for rolling your own herbal smokes

Our premium Lion’s Tail blend consists of unique mix of smokable herbs that both help satisfy the craving to smoke as well as provide a relaxing and stress relieving effect.

Lion’s Tail is not habit forming nor addictive and can also be taken in tea form.

Wild Dagga on its own is a mild relaxant. It provides mild sedation and a calming effect. Larger doses can show mild visual distortions, however, Wild Dagga should not be smoked for a “high”. It is simply mild and wonderfully relaxing.

People have smoked throughout history for a wide variety of reasons. Recreation, medicine, and spiritual ceremonies have all shaped the history and ritual of smoking herbs.

Are you trying to quit smoking cigarettes? Looking for an alternative to smoking tobacco?

Perhaps you are looking for a herbal smoking blend to add to your cannabis mix?

People make use of herbal smoke blends for a variety of reason, but many use them to help relieve stress and anxiety.

Visit our online shop to buy our Lion’s Tail Blend or view our other smokeable herbs on offer and make up your own personal herbal smoke or tea blend!

Learn how to make your own personal Herbal Smoke Blend here.

Proudly South African.

NOTICE: The Herbal Smoking Blend sold is intended for use only by individuals 18 years or older.

By purchasing this blend, you are agreeing to the following:
• That you are of legal age to purchase herbal smoking products.
• You agree to use our product for its intended purpose only.